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Art by CAM

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Shop Paintings or Photographs and make Commissions

Find and commission art for your home or anywhere!

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Minerals and Crystals

Fine minerals and gemstones at great prices.

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Contact and Commission

Get in contact to have art made for you,
specially made to your preferred style,
size, medium, and price range!

(267) 517-4780

Thanks for submitting!

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Warranty at Art by CAM

Paintings and artwork that are shipped may be damaged by the travel, or may not hold up if exposed to extreme weather. If this is to happen, just email me a photo of the damage and you can get a full refund. Items may also not be the colors you wanted (paintings in photos can have a tiny variation from in real life, and may farther look different in cold, white, or warm lighting) and can be returned after 30 days of receiving the product.

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